User profile missing from site

The Intranet Connections product provides administrators with simple user profile creation and Active Directory synchronization. Unfortunately, conflicts can arise causing the appearance of nonexistent user records. Common causes for this conflict are as follows;

  • Misspelled username,
  • Disabled user profile,
  • Missing AD account field.

The following tutorial will provide insight on the process of checking the current status of a user profile and re-enabling the user account (if disabled). Additionally, this tutorial will provide an overview of the final cause for the issue, listed above.

Locate and Enable Disabled User Profiles

  1. Log in to the Intranet Connections application using administrative credentials
  2. Click the admin link (located in the top right corner of the intranet application)
  3. Click the Site Security tab
  4. Locate the User Profiles area and click the find user profiles link
  5. Fill out the appropriate fields and click find_button.png
  6. Confirm that the desired user cannot be found
  7. Click the search again link
  8. Fill out the appropriate fields
  9. Check the Show Disabled Users check box
  10. Click find_button.png
  11. Locate the desired user and check the corresponding check box
  12. Click the reinstateusers_button.png button
  13. Click ok_button.png to confirm this change

Upon the completion of the steps, listed above, you have successfully located and enabled a disabled user.

Missing Active Directory Field

Another cause for a seemingly nonexistent user may have to do with the Active Directory entry associated with the desired user. In order for successful AD synchronization to take place, administrators must confirm that the Display Name, First Name and Last Name fields contain values for every Active Directory user entry. Once confirmed, resynchronize the Active Directory with the Intranet Connections application.

Upon the completion of the steps, located above, all local and Active Directory users will have be available to the Intranet Connections application.

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