Opening Files in Original Applications

Question: I am trying to edit a .doc file, and I do not have the full edit/save functionality in my browser window.  How can I achieve this?

Answer: To have full privileges to the document (as you would in Word) you will have to set the file to open in its own native application, and not the browser window.  This change can be made at the operating system level:

Go to Tools > Folder Options > File Types.  Select the type of file that you would like to open in its native application. (ex: .doc file)  Select this file and then select 'advanced'.  In the 'edit file type' window that appears, uncheck the 'browse in same window' checkbox.


The files will now open in Microsoft word (Per this example) as opposed to the browser.  This will give you the full set of options for editing and saving the document.  This process can be repeated with other document types.

Note: This content will be saved locally on the computer, and not on the intranet itself.  To place the updated files to the intranet, they will need to be re-uploaded to the appropriate area.

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