Logon requested after Active Directory setup on IE

Applies to All Version 6.0 and Later

Question:  I have set up AD authentication on my site.  When I log in, I am still being prompted for for a user name and password.  Why is this occurring with AD authentication activated?

Answer:  This issue is occuring due to the security settings on your browser.  If your IC website is coming up as a "trusted site" you need to configure it properly to pass authentication.  To do this, you need to adjust your security settings.

Go to Tools > Internet Options > Security Settings > Trusted Sites.  Under 'Trusted Sites' set select the 'custom level' button.  This will open up your security settings screen (shown Below).


Scroll to the bottom of the 'Security Settings' screen and set the authentication to "Automatic logon with current user name and password".  Your site should now open without prompting you for a user name and password.

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