Changing LDAP Settings - Increasing MaxPageSize

Applies to Version 6.0 and Later

Question:  When doing an AD sync, my user sync is only pulling in a portion of my active directory listings.  How can I resolve this issue?

Answer:  This is an issue that those with extremely large Active Directories often encounter.  What is happening is the MaxPageSize is defaulted to 1000 objects, and when Intranet Connections queries for objects to sync, it will only receive the amount set with a single query.  To resolve this issue and increase your MaxPageSize, take the following steps:

The instructions are available on the Microsoft support site (Link Below).

Microsoft Support Article

They are also listed here as follows:

1.    Go to the domain controller that we’re connecting to for the sync
2.    Find the file ntdsutil.exe (most likely under c:\windows\system32 or c:\winnt\system32
3.    Run the ntdsutil.exe
4.    Type “ldap policies” and enter
5.    Type "connections" and enter
6.    Type "Connect to server [YourDCName]" and enter
7.    Type "q" and enter
8.    Type "Show Values" to see the current settings
9.    Type “Set MaxPageSize to 2000” and enter
10.  Type “Commit Changes” and enter
11.  Type “Show Values” and enter

You should see the number set to 2000 now.  If you need a larger value to accommodate your user base, you can adjust this.  You should now be able to run your AD Sync again. (uncheck the 'enable sync' button, save the changes and then re-enable the sync)  Your active directory should now transfer properly to your intranet site.


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