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On upgrading to Version 11.5, on reinstalling ColdFusion or on relocating your site to a new server you may notice the following issues:
  • Employee cards failing to load in the directory resulting in a blank page view
  • Unresponsive navigation menus
  • Unresponsive form interfaces in the Admin site including the Create Employee forms
These and a series of other issues may be related to an improper configuration of your intranet site in IIS. To confirm this without opening an RDP session to the web server itself you can follow the instructions in the following KB article to confirm whether you are able to access the ColdFusion web admin console. If you are not, it is likely your IIS website does not have the appropriate virtual directory configured. Follow the steps outlined below to resolve the issue.


Perform the following steps to properly configure your website for ColdFusion operations. Please note that you should consult with your server administrator if you run other websites on the same IIS installation, especially other ColdFusion sites, prior to performing this operation. If you would like assistance with this process, please contact support.
  1. Open an RDP connection to the web server
  2. Select Start > Programs > Adobe > ColdFusion 9 > Web Server Configuration Tool
  3. If any websites are listed in the configuration screen select remove and then agree to the confirmation prompt
  4. Once removed, press add and either select all websites or your specific intranet website. Check the Configure Web Server for ColdFusion Applications option.
  5. Press OK and then close out of the configuration tool.
  6. Test your site again

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