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Common Issue #1 -- error during video upload


In IIS7 there is a default upload size limit of 30 MB.  To resolve this issue, please use the following instructions:

Execute the following command on the webserver (the attached technote explains the purpose of the command which increases the size limit of upload transactions, in this case to 300MB).

C:\Windows\System32\Inetsrv\appcmd set config /section:requestfiltering /requestlimits.maxallowedcontentlength:300000000

For ColdFusion:
Also, in the Server Settings window of the ColdFusion Administrator (, please uncheck the 'timeout requests after [60] seconds' option. Apply this change.

Also, at the bottom of that page you will find a setting 'Maximum size of post data'. Please change this to 300MB and apply that change as well.


For Railo (13.0) /Lucee (13.5):

In the Railo/Lucee Web Administrator (Access using http://SERVERNAME/railo-context/admin/web.cfm or http://SERVERNAME/lucee/admin/web.cfm and replace 'SERVERNAME' with the name of the web server) you can adjust the timeout settings as shown below:





Note: If you are on version 13.0, you will see 'Request' instead of 'Application' as shown above.



Common Issue #2 -- '200, Stream not found' when attempting to play your video

You may, when using the video embed feature of the HTML editor, encounter an error similar to the following when uploading a video of a supported file type. 


This is due to your web server not being configured correctly to deliver files of this extension. You can modify this by adding the appropriate missing mime types for the required extensions to IIS. If your IIS server is 6.0 see ( or if your web server is IIS 7.0 or 7.5 see (

The extensions you may be missing are:

.flv video/x-flv
.mov video/quicktime
.f4v video/mp4
.mp4 video/mp4
.m4v video/mp4
.m4a audio/mp4
.mp4v video/mp4v
.3gp video/3gpp
.3g2 video/3gpp2

 Upon adding the appropriate MIME types, please restart the IIS Server service (using IIS Manager) and re-try playing the video.


Common Issue #3 -- No video or audio when attempting to play your video

Most commonly, these issues result from videos that have been formatted in a manner that is not supported with the Flowplayer media player feature. The following should guide you through the process of re-formatting your videos so that they work nicely with the Flowplayer media player. Firstly, try downloading our recommended video converter, Handbrake:

Review the Windows GUI Guide here:

For the purposes of converting your video file, please use the Apple > Universal preset offered on the right-pane of the GUI. Once converted, re-upload the file and check to see if the video plays as expected.

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