Form Builder Script Error

Enable Form Caching

In v12.0+, Formbuilder is packaged with very dynamic interface (eg, adding new fields without page refreshes, drag and drop functionality etc). This interface has been made possible through the use of various JavaScript libraries. Unfortunately, the JavaScript processors packaged with older browser versions (eg, Internet Explorer 8) are not powerful enough to process the Formbuilder interfaces at optimal speeds. As a solution, our engineers have implemented a new caching option with your forms which should significantly improve form load times on older browsers. First, you will need to make a configuration change to ColdFusion:

  1. Identify the data source being used for the Intranet site
  2. Log in to the ColdFusion Admin site
  3. Click Data Sources on the left menu
  4. Locate and click the data source name obtained in step 1
  5. Hit Show Advanced Settings
  6. Set Long Text Buffer (chr) to 6400000
  7. Click Submit

Next, you will need to make a configuration change on the intranet site:

  1. Log in to the intranet site
  2. Navigate to the Formbuilder application
  3. Open the form experiencing performance issues
  4. Click Edit in the upper-right corner of the form then, click the Build tab
  5. Hit the form properties button
  6. Select Cache a copy of this form to improve load performance on older browsers (IE8 and lower)
  7. Click save changes

Re-load the, previously problematic, form using Internet Explorer 8 to view the performance enhancements.

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