Users are receiving a Windows Authentication prompt to login

There can be a number of reasons why users may be unable to access the intranet with their Windows Authentication credentials. When this occurs, users may be greeted with a similar prompt as shown below:

Check through the following questions to see if any may match your scenario, or lead you to a resolution:

  1. Did the web server get removed from the domain?
    • If there have been any changes to your Domain Controller, make sure that the web server is still connected to the domain
    • If you use AD sync, you may also need to update your AD sync settings under admin > Security > AD Login Synchronization
  1. Does this happen in all browsers?
    • If you are only seeing this issue within Internet Explorer, click here to fix this issue
  1. Are only some users being affected, or multiple? This can help to isolate if only a handful of users are being impacted or not.
    • Are they new users?
  1. Do users always access the site using the same URL? Or has this changed recently?
    • Example: Previously, users accessed the site using the server name of the web server. After a change, users now access it using a domain name.
    • Is the Intranet added to the Local Intranet zone within Internet Explorer or your Group Policy? Click here to find out how to add the Intranet to the Local Intranet zone in IE. 
  1. Has there been any changes to the folder permissions on the web server?
    • Example: Has the Intranet folder recently been shared? Click here to learn how to fix permissions to bring back your site.
  2. Is the site address external-facing? (eg.


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