Clearing Your Browser Cache

Have you applied a hotfix and it didn't make any change to the issue?

Have we requested that you make a few changes in settings for your intranet, but nothing happened?

Did you run a script provided by us, but the problem still seems to persist?

Did you add or update an area, but the change didn't seem to take effect for some reason?

Often, the above scenarios could be because your browser has cached screens from your intranet, and it will serve you an older version of the screen before the changes took affect. You use the obvious to clear your browser cache, but there are a few other areas that you should check and complete to FULLY clear the cache and ensure that this is not the result of why no changes have taken affect.

Try clearing the browser temp files and cookies as a first step (see --'s-Cache).

In Internet Explorer, make sure to uncheck the 'Preserve Favourites Data' option while clearing the temp files/cookies.

In IE, press F12, click Cache > Clear All Cache in the Developer Tools pop-up

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