Troubleshooting Email Notification Issues (Railo or Lucee)

Step One) Verify the mail connection!
  1. Log in to the web administrator console by typing

    http://[intranet server name, domain name or ip]/railo-context/admin/web.cfm
    http://[intranet server name, domain name or ip]/lucee/admin/web.cfm
  2. Enter the web admin password then, hit submit
  3. Click Mail on the left menu
  4. Select the checkbox next to the defined mail server and hit Verify


If the connection does not verify, you will need to work with your mail administrator to troubleshoot and resolve the connectivity issues (eg, specifying a port that is different than the default 25 port, enabling TLS or SSL, entering a username/password if authentication is required etc). 


Step Two) Check for unsent emails

In the same Railo/Lucee interface as above, look to see if there are unsent emails.  You can also see the error messages that go along with them.

  1. Click Tasks on the left menu
  2. Look at the most recent entries if there are any.
  3. Click the pencil icon on the right of the entry.
  4. Take a screenshot of the error and send it to us or look it up online.


Step Three) My connection verifies, what next?

Look for the mail log in {web root}\WEB-INF\railo\logs\mail.log or {web root}\WEB-INF\lucee\logs\mail.log. This will reveal email notifications that have been sent outbound by our software to your mail server.

By default, for our software, the path will be C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Intranet\WEB-INF\railo\logs\mail.log or C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Intranet\WEB-INF\lucee\logs\mail.log.

Review the failed email notification entries in the mail.log and work with your mail server administrator to see if the problem can be identified. Normally, each log entry will have a corresponding mail server response which may help you and your team in identifying the cause of the issue.


Step Four) Still no email notifications!

If the mail.log file does not contain entries for the email notifications that should have been sent out by our software, please contact Please make sure to include the action that you are expecting to send out an email notification, the application/area you are working with and the version of your software!

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