Long running requests and timeout settings in IIS, BonCode, and Railo

In some circumstances it may be necessary to allow for a request to run for several minutes (eg. when doing a full Active Directory sync with multiple domains).  By default, Railo websites are configured to timeout a request after 50 seconds, IIS is configured to timeout .NET based requests after 110 seconds, and the application pool and BonCode connector have timeout boundaries for idle connections of 20 mins.

With new installations of Intranet Connections we are now defaulting the timeout in Railo and IIS to 10 mins.  If you have requests that are being cut short, below you will find the location of each of these settings and how to alter them.

Railo Timeout

  • Open the Railo Web Administrator, typically located at http://localhost/railo-context/admin/web.cfm
  • Login (the default password is connections)
  • Click the Request menu option under Settings
  • Increase the wwRequest timeout setting and click the update button



IIS Timeouts

  • Open Internet Information Services
  • Find the application pool for your intranet site by right clicking it, and choosing Manage Web Site -> Advanced Settings
  • Click on Application Pools, right click on the app pool and choose Advanced Settings
  • Alter the Idle Time-out as required



  • Click on the Intranet site and open the Configuration Editor
  • Under the section system.web/httpRuntime, increase the executionTimeout setting



Boncode Timeout

The Boncode connector by default has a 20 minute read timeout on requests being communicated between IIS and Tomcat.

  • Locate the BonCodeAJP13.settings file under C:\Windows
  • Add an XML node entry for ReadTimeOut that is long enough to process your request



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