Adjusting Railo Timeout "run into a timeout (50 seconds)"

When performing tasks in Railo that may take extra time to run, you may encounter timeouts.


To extend these timeouts, log into your Railo Web Admin:

http:\\[insert_your_domain_name_here]\railo-context/admin/web.cfm or from the web server: http:\\localhost\railo-context/admin/web.cfm 

After logging in, click 'Request' from the left nav and then set the outlined setting shown below:


We recommend first starting with 10 minutes and trying that change, increase as necessary until the timeout error no longer displays.


Railo Tomcat - IIS setting

If you are using Railo 3 Tomcat, or on version 13.0 of Intranet Connections (which is Railo 4 Tomcat), you will also need to adjust this setting:

1) Open IIS and expand the list of sites on the left > select Default Web Site (or the name you are using for the Intranet)
2) Open Configuration Editor
3) Click the dropdown box to select 'System Web > HttpRuntime'
4) Adjust the ExecutionTimeout value to 00:10:00 - refer to image below:



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