How do I change application terminology?

First, Access Your Site Database.

To begin with, you need to decide which tables you are looking for.  Some applications are controlled by their individual Language tables.  These applications are Company Store, Support Desk, Training Calendar, Phone List, and Library Check-Out.  If you are not looking to change one of these applications, then the language will be controlled by the two global tables GlobalLanguage and AlternateLanguage.

Note: Changing anything in global language or alternate language tables will change the language SITEWIDE.  Make certain the changes you want in these fields are acceptable on a sitewide basis.

Now we have to actually change the language in the appropriate tables.  We will use changes made in the 'Training Calendar' application as an example.

Open the TrainingLanguage field in the database.  From here you can see that the original application is available and all of its clones.  The clones will be listed chronologically in the order they were created below the original application as outlined in the image below:


Once you have identified the application you want to change the language for, you need to search for the fields that you would like to change.  To do this, press Ctrl+F and enter the language that you would like to change.  For this example, we will use the 'add course' area.  Search for Add Course in the search line.  Once you have searched you will be in the following area:


You now can edit the language in the box.  Once you are done, save the changes to the database and the language changes will appear in the application.

This process can be repeated for different applications of the site as well.  Make note of the fact that some applications have their own Language tables and some are controlled by the global or alternate

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