Can I add new fonts to my intranet site?

The Intranet Connections application provides users with a default set of fonts used for the Intranet Connections application theme. Users may append fonts to the default font set provided by our product through the implementation of the following instructions.  New fonts will only show for users who also have that font installed on their machine.

Adding Fonts to your Intranet Application

  1. Log in to the Intranet Connections application database
  2. Locate the Font table
  3. Insert a new row with the desired FontFace value


  4. Log in to the Intranet Connections application using administrative credentials
  5. Click the admin link (located in the top right corner of the intranet application)
  6. Locate and click the Design tab
  7. Proceed and click the 'Advanced Editor' link
  8. Click 'font & link options' link that you wish to change, in the example below, 


  9. Locate the drop-down list in the Font Family area
  10. Select the desired font and click 'Apply to Site'

Upon the completion of the steps, listed above, users will have successfully appended and implemented desired fonts to the Intranet Connections application. Note however, any fonts added need to be supported by the user's browser. To avoid this restriction, you can use Google Font API. See next section.

Support Google Font API

To add new fonts without having to install new fonts on each user's computer, you can use the Google Font API. It eliminates the need for the particular font to be installed locally on each computer. See this Google Font API  for details.

Step 1: Include the Stylesheet link on  every page.

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="">

The easiest way to do is, is to insert the line in the Intranet\Menu\customer_footer.cfm file. You will have to include one <link> tag for each font you want to add, replacing the Font=Name above with the font you want to use (e.g. "Raleway"). Ensure the font name entered here matches the font name added to the Font table in the previous section. See Google Fonts for a complete list of fonts supported.


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