How and where should I backup my site?

Backing up the Intranet Connections application is vital to maintaining smooth operations and providing a reliable area for user collaboration and communication. The backup for Intranet Connections consists of an archived copy of the site files as well as a back-end database backup. Intranet Connections recommends the implementation of at least daily backups. The following article will help users locate the Intranet application directories and determine relevant database name and instance for proper backup procedures.

Locate the Intranet Application

  1. Log in to Intranet Connections using administrative credentials
  2. Click the admin link (located in the top right corner of the Intranet application)
  3. You should now be on the Setup tab
  4. Locate the Drive Location area located near the bottom of this screen under the Intranet Application section
  5. Take note of the web server drive path location (see below)

  6. Click the Security tab
  7. Click the File Migration Utility link (in the Security: Advanced Settings area)
  8. Confirm the Intranet's documents location (see below)

    NOTE: If the server drive and path location differ from the path found on the file migration utility page, this simply means both directories are necessary in order for successful backup to take place.

Find Database Name

  1. Go to the Cold Fusion administrator site  or Go to the Railo Web Administrator site
  2. Log in using the administrative username and password
  3. Click the Data Sources link (see below)

  4. Open the data source listed in your site's environment info box
  5. Take note of the Database field and Server field

    NOTE: The Database field provides users with the name of the Intranet application database. Additionally, the Server field provides users with the appropriate server instance for the Intranet application.

  6. Connect to this SQL Server and backup the database using the instructions found here.
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