What are the recommended Antivirus File and Location Exceptions for Web/SQL Servers?

Performance of your site can be adversely affected by the installation of Antivirus software which is not correctly configured to ignore the appropriate directories. This can lead to poor performance as files that are constantly being accessed, generated or updated (such as log, database or temporary files) are continually and unnecessarily scanned by your application's real time protection scanning. 

The following exceptions are recommended for servers running Intranet Connections:

  • Exclude log files. This is most easily done by excluding the extension .log 
  • Exclude class files. These are temporary files generated by ColdFusion. Exclude the .class file
  • Exclude IIS' compression directory. Follow instructions in the following MS KB (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/817442
  • Change your real time protection method, if possible, from scanning files 'on access' to scanning 'on modify'. Note that this may either not be possible with your Antivirus package or the terminology for 'on access/on modify' may be different. Refer to your AV vendor for further information. 
  • Optionally you can also exclude the ColdFusion process itself. This is generally done by excluding the executable which can be found in the ColdFusion installation directory. For ColdFusion 9 installed on the C:\ drive this path would be C:\ColdFusion9\runtime\bin\jrun.exe
If your server is also your database server then you should make the following additional exceptions:
  • Exclude database files and database log files. This can be done by excluding the extensions .mdf and .ldf . Refer to the following MS KB for further details (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/309422

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