How do I automate SQL Backups with SQL Express?

In SQL Express, the same automated backup options are not available that the full version of SQL provides. In licensed versions of SQL backups can be created using scheduled maintenance tasks. Since SQL Express lacks the SQL Agent it is not possible to schedule maintenance tasks on Express versions. We outline some backup options below:


Existing applications
Many clients may already have existing backup application suites (ArcServe, BackupExec, DoubleTake, etc) which offer the ability to backup and monitor SQL databases. If you have access to a suite such as these, feel free to setup the scheduled backup of the Intranet Connections database using their documentation.


Automating SQL Databases with scheduled tasks
As SQL Server Express does not allow for automated backups, The following Microsoft KB article provides an example of creating an automatic maintenance process that will run scheduled database backups for you.
To view the information that Microsoft provides around this, please click here.

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