How do I set directory security modes in IIS?

Depending on your selected Authentication Mode you may be asked to enable either Anonymous or Windows Authentication security on your intranet website or directory. To do so, you will the IIS Manager console on the intranet web server. The following guide is for IIS 7.0 on Windows server 2008 or 2008 R2


Install Windows Authentication Mode
By default Windows Authentication mode is not installed when the stock installtion of IIS is selected. If you find that Windows Authentication is not an option within your IIS Management console then follow these steps:
  • Open your server's Server Manager console
  • Open the Roles section
  • Open the Web Server section
  • Scroll down and locate the Windows Authentication role and complete the install


Applying security through IIS
Regardless of whether you wish to enable Anonymous, Windows Authentication or both, you need to expand the sites option in your IIS management console. If your intranet site is a subdirectory of a site feel free to expand the website and make this change to the intranet directory instead. Select Authentication.


Apply whichever options you require


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