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Note: For version 12.5 and earlier
Question: How can I minimize my search results?
With the addition of more and more content to the intranet, the search results will begin to grow as well. Have a look at the suggestions below to reduce the amount of results that display.
First, try re-indexing your site content. You can access this by going to admin > Site Search Options and clicking 'Re-index my site data'. Next, use the 'Keyword Search Settings' field to list words that the search should ignore (eg, and|a|is|the|then|). Here is a sample list you can use:
a|about|after|all|also|an|and|another|any|are|as|at|be|because|been|before|being|between|both|but |by|came|can|come|could|did|do|each|for|from|get|got|has|had|he|have|her|here|him|himself|his|how|i|if|in|into|is|it|like|make|many|me|might|more|most|much|must|my|never|now|of|on|only|or|other|our|out|over|said|same|see|should|since|some|still|such|take|than|that|the|their|them|then|there|these|they|this|those|through|to|too|under|up|very|want|was|way|we|well|were|what|where|which|while|who|with|would|you|your
On the same page, you can choose a 'Default Sort Column' that may make more sense in your organization (default is 'Title').
Also, turning off full-text indexing may help reduce the number of unwanted search results. You should be able to turn this off by going to admin > Applications > manage indexes (button on the right) and clicking 'delete all collections'.
One recommendation is implementing the use of 'Tags' as a your primary method for indexing site content. You should be able to tag forms with keywords that a user would logically type in when looking for that piece of content. For example, I would tag the 'Time off Request Form' form with tags like; vacation, request, time, form.
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