Web Services Failing

There are times where you may notice messages notifying you that connecting to web services has failed or that your maintenance information cannot be retrieved.

As our web services do tend to come and go, it is quite possible that your site may have attempted to connect to the web services during one of these times. If you have been able to download product updates previously, this can typically be updated by clicking 'run' beside Scheduled Tasks when on the admin > Site Settings / Setup page.

If the messages persist, this is usually an indication that the problem is somewhere on your end. Has anything changed in your network topography that could be causing the web services to fail?

Depending on the operation, the site may be reaching out to several files - they are all stored within the following location:

This may help your network administrator enable the traffic flow needed for our web services to function with your intranet site.

Method for Testing:

1. On the web server, copy the web service URL into a web browser.(https://cc.intranetconnections.com/cc/cfcomponents/webservices/client_services.cfc?wsdl) 

2. The browser should return an XML document (something like the image below).  If it returns an error, please share this error with the support team by providing a full screenshot.

Web Services XML in Chrome:

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