Backing Up Your Intranet Before an Upgrade

Backup your Intranet Files :

  1. Log in to Intranet Connections using administrative credentials
  2. Click the admin link (located in the top right corner of the Intranet application)
  3. Locate and click the Site Settings tab
  4. Locate the System Information table
  5. Under Intranet Application, take note of the Drive Location (see below)
  6. Make a copy of all files in Drive Location into a backup folder.

  7. Click the Site Security tab
  8. Click the file migration utility link (in the Advanced Security Settings area)
  9. Confirm the Intranet Connections application server drive and path location (see below)
  10. If the path location shown below is different than the Drive Location in Step 6, make a backup of this folder as well.


NOTE: If the server drive and path location differ from the path found on the file migration utility page, this simply means both directories are necessary in order for successful backup to take place.



Backup your Intranet Database :

  1. Open an Instance of Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
  2. Connect to your database server instance. Normally this will be  Localhost  or Localhost\SQLExpress or Localhost\IntraConnections.
  3. Expand Databases, right click Tasks and select Back Up


  1. The default settings should be sufficient. This will save a [databasename].bak file to the standard location.
  2. [Program Files]\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Backup\
  3. This default can differ depending on your installed version of SQL but will be indicated in the path specified in the Destination window. You can either change this location prior to running the backup or copy this file afterwards to an off server location.


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