Form Styling Via CFM File

1) Locate the file on your intranet web server called themes_form_sample.cfm

This will be located in the following folder:


2) Copy this file and rename as themes_form.cfm - this allows the override to take effect

This will override the theme for all forms, including when they are displayed in browser, send as email, or exported to PDF


3) Edit style values within this file - see 'file edit.jpg' of where to add these changes.
Be sure that you are using the hex code values to change the colors as shown in examples on this screen.

Black = #000000
White = ##FFFFFF


4) Save this file


5) Navigate to this form and click 'edit' > add following to the 'Custom Code' section above the form:




6) Save this item in the custom code box using the save icon > click 'save changes' to save the form

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