File Migration Utility - Hosting Files Outside the Intranet Directory

There is an option in Intranet Connections to store all files outside of the default C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Intranet folder tree. This is normally done either for security reasons, or to have large files places on a different drive.

Running the File Migration Utility does two things:

  1. Starts the step by step wizard to help you migrate the existing uploaded files.
  2. Tells the system to store all newly uploaded files into the new folder.

Before you begin, you must ensure that the process the Intranet web site runs under has modify permissions to the new folder. Often this requires giving the IIS AppPool\DefaultAppPool identity modify acccess permissions, under security permissions for the folder.


The start the file migration utility, click Admin, Security Tab, Advanced Settings group, and click option File Migration Utility.



Once clicked, a set of onscreen instructions will be provided.


As an example, if I want my files to be stored in C:\IntranetFiles I must copy all the folders and files under C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Intranet into this new location. Here's what it looks like right after I paste the copied folders and files into the new location.



And this is what I enter when it asks me for my new location:


Once the file migration utility is complete, all links in your intranet should now point to the files in the new folder. In addition, any new files will also be placed in the folder.

While the file migration utility is supposed to delete all files that have been migrated, it is recommended you double check that files have been removed. If files were manually copied into the C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Intranet folder tree, or uploaded using the Intranet but then the database was stored to an earlier version, there may orphaned files the file migration utility is unable to detect.


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