Browser behavior

Below are some common scenarios we come across when dealing with Microsoft authentication prompts that result from clicking a link in the Intranet:

1) Prompted for credentials when launching a Word document from the intranet:

When clicking on a document link which opens the file in Microsoft Word, you may sometimes encounter credential prompts. The following is a link to a Microsoft KB article which contains documentation and a resolution to this issue:


2) Uploaded files produce different behaviors in browsers

When a file is accessed within a browser, depending on the browser's add-ons, it will handle that file differently. This is something that cannot be controlled from the intranet.

In IE, if you have Adobe PDF Reader add-on downloaded and enabled, PDF files will open allowing you to view without saving or save the item.

In Chrome, you can check if you have Chrome PDF Viewer by going to "chrome://plugins/".  If this is installed and enabled, it will provide you the same options as IE.

Security can be locked down to always prompt the user for what to do with the file.

Some browsers allow you to adjust the settings for the action taken when a file link has been clicked.

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