Cleaning Up Data

The article describes how to cleanup demo data, and is also useful for administrators who have inherited content ownership responsibilities.

Cleaning up Sites and Apps

The easiest cleanup job is removing sites and apps that are no longer needed.

  1. Use the menu editor to delete any links to the site or app.
  2. Delete the site or delete the app.

Note that if you have successfully remove all links to the site, the "In Menu" icon on the site card should not be visible.



Cleaning Up the Home Page

You can clean up the home page by deleting the widgets you don't need.


Cleaning Up Content

To keep an app but remove the demo data, you can delete individual items, but it is faster to delete the folders.

  1. Login as the administrator.
  2. Navigate to the app containing the data to remove.
  3. In upper right, choose Toobox > Manage Folders (see instructions)
  4. Select and delete the folders.

Once all the old folders are deleted, all the demo data will be deleted as well. At this point, you can add new folders and start fresh.


Cleaning Up Demo Users

To remove the demo users that came with your installation of the intranet:

  1. Login as the administrator.
  2. Navigate to Admin > Security > find logins.
  3. Perform a blank search, or if you have already synced with Active Directory, check the box beside 'find Form-based logins' and click search.
  4. Check the box beside each user you wish to disable, or click 'select all' - Be sure to not select the account you are currently logged in with if you are using 'Kelly Bristow's account as you will be locked out of the intranet
  5. Click 'Disable' as shown in the image below: 

Notice in the image above that there is no checkmark beside the 'Kelly Bristow' account as that is the account currently logged in to disable the accounts.

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