Site Card Icons

Getting Started with Sites (2 of 5)

Understanding Site Cards

Each site is represented by a Site Card. The Site Card contains the site name, description and a number of icons. The description is only visible to administrators.


Site Cards

Bottom Icons (from left to right)

  • View Count: number of times the home page of the site has been viewed in the last 30 days
  • Flag Icon: indicates this is the home site
  • Lock Icon: indicates that this site has at least basic view security has been applied
  • Menu Icon: indicates this site is currently in a menu

Top Action Icons (from left to right)

  • icons only visible when hovering over the site card
  • Copy Icon: click to make a copy of this site
  • Delete Icon: click to delete this site

Note that the top action icons are only visible when you hover your mouse over the site card.

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