Securing Content

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Securing Content

Applying security is done through the administrative console and can be added at the site and application level. To set security, start by navigating to the admin > Assets tab and select the appropriate site and, if necessary, application.

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Applying Site Security

There are two levels of permissions when applying security to a site:

Site Owners – Users who are Site Owners are given full administrative control over a site which allows them to change the appearance of the site landing page, navigation and theme. Additionally, site owners can control the view access to their site.

Site Access – The site access settings give you control over the view permissions users and/or groups have for your site. Enabling the Apply View Security option listed on the Site Access area will result in the site to be locked down. This means that the site can only be viewed by the users and groups that you explicitly define as having view rights.

Applying Application Security

When it comes to application security, the most important concept to grasp is that security is applied at the folder level. At the folder level, you can define and configure the specific users and/or groups that can view, add, edit and/or delete the content within each of your folders. The benefit to this method of applying security is that it provides a very granular method of applying permissions to your folders.

Global Folder Security

Global permissions allow you to control the view, add, edit and delete permissions that regular end-users have with regards to the folder being modified. For example, enabling Global View and leaving disabling Global Add/Edit/Delete will result in regular end-users with access to the site to be able to view all content in the folder being configured; however, it will not allow the regular end-users to add, edit or delete the content.

User Permissions

User permissions will allow you to define view, add, edit and delete rights that specific users will have for the folder in-question. This will allow you to provide designated users with elevated rights to the content within your folders.

Group Permissions

Group permissions allow you to provide view, add edit and/or delete rights to a group for the content contained in the folder being modified.

Applying Page Security

Pages are viewable by any user that has access to the overseeing site. Pages can have owners, however. To add a page owner, simply visit a page, click Toolbox and click Page Owners. Simply select, and add the users and/or groups that need owner over the page in-question. Page Owners have full rights to view, add, edit and delete any content within the page.

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