Create a Video Library

The following steps will help you create a Video Library using Intranet Connections, from scratch.

Step One: Create your App

Using our intranet CMS, the first part of this tutorial covers the creation of your app.

  1. Go to admin > Assets > Home
  2. Locate the Apps button and, click the plus  icon on the right-hand side
  3. Select an Appbuilder template
  4. Upload a thumbnail, enter a name and description for your soon-to-be Video LibraryVideoLibraryAppCard
  5. Click Build

Step Two: Build your App

Next, using our intranet CMS, we’ll build and configure our custom app to display videos in a preferred manner. When creating Appbuilder apps, I always look at the right menu as my ‘to-do’ list for this application. In short, I will be clicking in to each of the available options on the right menu and adjusting configurations until I am happy with my app. For the purposes of our Video Library, here are the changes I propose.

  1. Click Ratings | Comments on the right menu
  2. Select the following options:
    • Enable Thumbs Up
    • Enable Comments
    • Always Show Comments
    • Public Comments
  3. Click save
  4. Click Tagging on the right menu
  5. Select the following options:
    • Enable Tags
    • Display tags in table views
  6. Click save
  7. Click Manage Fields on the right menuNote: This area determines the fields that are present when an individual with the appropriate permissions adds a new video to your Video Library.
  8. Drag-and-drop the following fields from the left pane in to the central pane:
    • Title (should be included in the central pane by default)
    • Graphic
    • HTML Editor
    • Created By
  9. Re-label the fields as needed and, click save (reference screenshot below for an example)VideoManageFields
  10. Click Home Page on the right menuNote: Configuration changes to this area will affect the landing page for your video library application (eg, Do you want to display a folder tree? Do you want to display all of your videos immediately as soon as an individual enter your Video Library? Do you want to display a search that is specific to the Video Library?).
  11. Select content
  12. Set group by folder to yes
  13. Click saveVideoHomeView
  14. Click List View on the right menuNote: Configuration changes in this area affect the pages that display a table view / summary listing of all videos in your Video Library.
  15. Click edit fields
  16. Drag-and-drop the desired fields from the left pane in to the central pane (add columns / adjust the column widths where necessary)VideoListView
  17. Click save
  18. Click Item View on the right menuNote: Configuration changes applied in the Item View determines what fields are displayed when a user clicks on the title of an item (eg, Video, Document etc).
  19. Click edit fields
  20. Drag-and-drop the desired field from the left pane to the central pane (don’t forget the Video field!)VideoItemView
  21. Click save
  22. Click Search Results on the right menuNote: Configuration changes applied in the Search Results area determines how search results are laid out when performing searches within your app (eg, Video Library, Documents etc).
  23. Click edit fields
  24. Click Copy List View Layout
  25. Click Folders | Security on the right menu
  26. Create a folder tree structure that will help you organize your different videos (eg, Training, Promotions, Information Technology, How-to’s etc).
  27. Click GO TO APP in the upper right corner when you’re ready to add your first video

Step Three: Add Videos

Great! At this point, you’ve created a custom application that is geared towards the storage and delivery of videos for your fellow employees. To add a video, simply click Add in the upper right corner of your Video Library, fill out the displayed fields and publish your video. Find information on uploading and displaying a video directly on the intranet using your ‘Video’ / HTML Editor field by clicking here. Alternatively, for instructions on how to embed YouTube videos using your ‘Video’ / HTML Editor field, please click here. Here is the home page of my finished Video Library app. VideoHome

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