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Understanding Page Cards

Each page is represented by a Page Card. The Page Card contains the app name, description and a number of icons. The description is optionally visible to users when viewing the page. Note that only parent pages are shown, and any parent page may have one or more sub pages.


Bottom Icons (from left to right)

  • View Count: number of times this page has been viewed in the last 30 days
  • Flag Icon: indicates this is the home page for the site
  • Menu Icon: indicates this app is currently in a menu

Top Action Icons (from left to right)

  • icons only visible when hovering over the page card
  • Copy Icon: click to make a copy of this page
  • Move: move this page to another site
  • Delete Icon: click to delete this page

Note that the top action icons are only visible when you hover your mouse over the page card.

Changing the Home Page for a Site

The home page is the default page shown when a user visits a site. The page currently designated as the home page is listed first, and is denoted by the flag icon. The home page cannot be deleted until you choose a new home page.

To choose a new home page:

  1. Hover over the page card for the new home page.
  2. Click the flag icon that appears in the bottom right.
  3. The selected page is now the home page, and becomes the first page in the list.
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