Adding a Document Repository

Version 12.5

Content management in the intranet is managed using a document repository. A document repository organizes files using folders. In addition, the administrator can specify what additional fields should be included when files are uploaded to the intranet.

Before you can begin uploading documents, you must have Document Repository application added to your site, as shown below.



Click the application icon to see the application settings for this document repository.


Use the application settings page to:

  • create folders and sub-folders
  • specify what fields (version, category, source, etc) should be filled out when a document is added
  • design the different user views for this application
  • set security permissions

There are three different views for users when viewing the document repository:

  • Home page: default layout and content when first viewing the repository
  • List View: when viewing a list of contents in a folder
  • Item View: when viewing the details of a particular document

What fields are displayed is configurable for each view.

To add a document, you must first click Go To App, choose a folder, and then click Add.





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