Conference Room Booking


Did you know you can use the Events Calendar application to create an online conference room booking application? 

Using the standard Events Calendar you can create a room booking application:

  • Color coding on the calendar view
  • Date conflict checking
  • Optional approval process to book specific rooms

You can also use advanced conflict checking options for rooms that can be partitioned:

  • allow different sides of the same room to be booked independently
  • prevent entire room from being booked if either side is already booked

See Version 12.5 Patch 9 notes for more details.


Screenshot2_tn.png Screenshot1_tn.png Screenshot3_tn.png



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    Cheryl Frazier

    Great video and tool!  We use our own version but seeing this in IC just makes everything better.

    Question:  Is there a way to remove the "Optional" choice from the Sub Category (it is the current default).   If the user does not select a specific room, the booking is applied to the calendar and the user may walk away thinking that everything is all set to go instead of showing them possible conflicts with the room they would actually like to have.

    Thank you and again, Great Job!

    Cheryl Frazier

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    Tim Miller

    I second this request to remove the optional and make sure they select a room or resource.

    The issue is the user doesn't pay attention and will select the optional then the room will get double booked.

    I would prefer to leave it blank and then make it mandatory that they select one of the rooms and not default to the first available.


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    Neil Chong-Kit

    I'm glad the video is useful, and suggestions are great.

    This is something we can definitely look into, and we always consider how all customers use a feature before making a change for everyone. There may be some customers who use the sub-category as an option (for instance, a company-wide  events calendar with  HR as a category, and the option to choose the Training group as subcategory if the meeting is just for Training staff).  

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