Creating a Project Site


Did you know you can create a project site? 

With a project site you can:

  • give project members a private place to store documents
  • track milestones and events with a project calendar
  • create a dashboard-style home page, ensuring everyone is updated on the latest developments
  • keep track of open issues and their resolutions
  • manage communication to stakeholders

Most of the time, you have a company site, and various departments sites. This video provides an overview of how to site specifically designed for supporting a project. A project site can have its own events calendar, documents library, blogs, and other applications.



*Follow Up Video Now Available*

Interested in knowing more on how this site is configured?

An follow-up video has been created which shows some of the administration screens used to configure this project site.


 Click on the "An Example Project Site.docx" for more examples of what you can build for a Project Site on your Intranet



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    Peter Barron

    What app did you use to create the Task List Neil?

    Great idea for a site!


  • Avatar
    Neil Chong-Kit

    It is a task list widget. This widget type is only available on department (aka. non-home) sites.

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