Simple Intranet Design Refresh


Did You Know...Simple Intranet Design Refresh

Did you know you can easily refresh your Intranet Design using Simple Theme Editor?

Utilizing the Simple Theme Editor you can easily:

  • Upload a new logo and be presented with a matching color palette.
  • Resize a full-width site to a fixed width site.
  • Change the background header color and menu colors.
  • Update the font to current web standard best practices.

You can also the Widget Editor to update the Theme/Design Options for all widgets, including:

  • Header Bar Colors
  • Border Styles
  • Background Colors
  • Optional Divider

Intranet Design Best Practices

Learn more about best practices for Intranet Design:

*BONUS* 30 White/Black Global Menu Icons

As a bonus, we have included some simple black and white icons that you can easily add to any standard Global Menu, as we have showcased in this video. Please download the Standard Global Menu Icon zip file and save the icons to be uploaded to your intranet sites. There are 30 different white or black icon options to choose from for your Intranet Connections Global Intranet Menu.

Outdated_Intranet_Design-thumbnail.jpg Simple_Theme_Editor_-_Menu_Color_Change-thumbnail.jpg Simple_Theme_Editor_-_Design_Refresh-thumbnail.jpg



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