Customize your Intranet with Rotating Banners and World Clock



Did You Know... Rotating Banners and World Clock

Did you know you can add a Rotating Banner and World Clock to you intranet using the custom code widget?

This video demonstrates how you can use custom code widgets to add all sorts of JavaScript based widgets to you home page:

  • Preview of a clickable rotating banner you can use to promote events
  • Shows how to add a world clock which displays multiple time zones
  • Demonstrates the process of adding and configuring a custom code widget


Implementing the Banner Widget

Are you ready to implement your own rotating banner? The video below provides more details on how to configure the custom code widget which displays rotating banner ads:



  1. Learn about this JavaScript downloaded from
  2. Download the UnsliderCustomCode.txt custom code used in the video (linked at the bottom of this article).
  3. Upload your banner graphics to the intranet in a Photo Album (or other) application.
  4. View the banners in the intranet and use Chrome or Firefox to grab the image URLs.
  5. Modify the text in UnsliderCustomCode.txt to point to your own images and links (see for more details).
  6. Add a new custom code widget (test page recommended), and paste in the contents of UnsliderCustomCode.txt


The javascript code requires JQuery.js, which is automatically included in Intranet Connections. If the code doesn't work, this may be because you are on an older version of Intranet Connections before JQuery was included.

You can also try all sorts of different Javascript widgets from the internet. Do not use any JavaScript which directly calls document.write as it will cause unexpected issues with the page, breaking not only the page, but also potentially the ability to edit the page. Always test new code on a test widget page first, before adding to the home page. For widgets which require you to upload a .js file and include them, we recommend copying the contents of the referenced files, and inserting directly into the custom code widget by placing code within <script></script> tags.





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