Logging In for the First Time

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Logging In for the First Time

Upon installing Intranet Connections in your internal environment, you will be able to access the intranet site using a URL similar to the following:

http://[server name or IP]/Intranet

You will be prompted for a set of login credentials (ie, username/password). The default administrative credentials are:

Username: kellybristow
Password: password

After logging in, you will arrive at the home page of your intranet site. The home page is the default landing page that all users will see after logging in to the intranet. 


Note: Depending on how your site has been configured, you may not browse to the /Intranet folder as shown in the above example. If you cannot access your site, speak the person on your IT team that installed the software to find out how to access your site.

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