Access Admin Screens Using Admin Link

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Access Admin Screens Using Admin Link

The admin screen provides centralized access to all of intranet settings, as well as asset management for the sites. To access the administration section, click the Admin link on the top-right of any screen. As this requires elevated rights to access, non-administrators will not see this link or have access to this section. 


The admin screen has a number of different tabs. 

  • Setup contains system wide options, and access to product version and update
  • Design relates to the theme of the site
  • Directory is used to manage users
  • Security is used to manage user and content security
  • Assets lets you manage sites, pages, and applications
  • Tagging lets you manage tags for search
  • Tutorials allows you to build user tutorials

In addition, administrators have access to online help using the Help link. If a support article exists for the page you are currently on,  the Online Help link will be displayed under Help.

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