Sites and Sub-sites

How Intranet Content Is Organized (2 of 6)

Sites and Sub-sites

All applications, pages, and documents live in a particular site. Usually the home site serves company wide information, while sub-sites are optionally used for individual departments, groups, or locations.  

  • Your intranet consists of a home site and possibly one or more sub sites

  • The home site serves the entire organization, while sub-sites are created for each individual department

  • Sub sites have their own apps, pages, and navigation, and administrative ownership can be delegated to an intranet department champion

See How to Add and Delete Sites to learn how to add or delete a site.

Sites Contain Apps and Pages


  • Each site contains applications and pages
  • Pages are organized into trees, with parent pages at the top
  • Application (e.g. Documents Library) store individual items, such as files
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