How Intranet Content Is Organized (5 of 6)


By default, your intranet will come with multiple applications already added to the home site. An application in the intranet enables specific features for the users of the site.

Common applications include:

  • Employee Directory 
    List of all employees and profile information, including pictures and contact details
  • Document Library
    Organizes files uploaded to the intranet into various folders. Each site can have one or more document libraries, depending on the level of organization and security needed
  • Events Calendar / Room Booking
    Helps you keep track of events in a calendar view. This application is also used for room booking, as you can enable date conflict checking
  • Online Forms
    Online forms let users submit requests by filling out a form. You can enable workflow when requests need to go through an approval process

Tip: Can't find what you need? Add the App Builder app to create your own applications.

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