Adjusting ElasticSearch memory settings

You can adjust how much memory is allocated to ElasticSearch.  This primarily affects the speed of the site data re-indexing.

  1. Ensure that the web server has enough free RAM to adjust the allocation
  2. On the web server, open the command prompt as an administrator, navigate to c:\elasticsearch\bin
  3. Run the command "service.bat manager"

  4. In the Java tab of the ElasticSearch manager, increase the Initial Memory Pool setting to 1024 (1 GB) and the Maximum Memory Pool setting to either 2048 or 4096 (2 GB or 4 GB)

  5. Click Apply
  6. In the General tab, click Stop, then Start
  7. In the Task Manager under Services, make sure that Elasticsearch is running
  8. Rerun the site search reindexing process, taking note if any errors come up. On the Intranet, go to Admin > Site Search and click "Re-index my site data"
  9. Test to see if the search functions correctly
  10. If the issue has persisted, please send us the error log from admin > errors and logging
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