Creating a Course

Creating a Training Calendar App (2 of 3)


Now that you have your app created, it is time create courses. In the previous article, we left off by clicking 'Go To App' after creating the App itself, this article follows on the next steps:

  1. Before adding a Course, you will first need to 'Add a Category' as you can group up multiple courses within a single Category
  2. Click 'Add a Category' to continue
  3. Once you have added a Category Name, click 'Save'
  4. Click 'Go To App' to go back to the front end of the Training Calendar
  5. Now you can begin to add in courses, start by clicking 'Add Course' from the right nav menu shown here:
  6. You can see the Category name 'Employee Training' which was created in Step 3 above
  7. Fill out the Course information including Title, Description, Class Size, etc. 
  8. You can assign a Course Instructor and a Course Manager to help with managing this particular course
  9. Click 'Preview' to review your settings
  10. If all settings look correct, click 'Publish' to post the course
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