Lessons for New Administrators (NEW)

Learn the fundamentals of intranet administration by following the lessons below.


  1. Getting Started as an Administrator
    Learn how to login to the intranet and access administration screens

  2. How Intranet Content is Organized
    Quick overview of how content in the intranet is organized

  3. New Intranet Administrator Webinars [VIDEO]
    Walkthrough of features and core concepts for new Intranet admins, or as a refresher for existing admins

  4. Getting Started with Employee Directory
    Learn how to add users to you intranet.

  5. Getting Started with Sites 
    Learn how to add and configure sites.

  6. Changing Site Theme and Colors
    Learn how to change the color and them of your site.

  7. Adding and Deleting Pages
    Learn how to add pages to a site, and how to add widgets to a page.

  8. Getting Started with Online Forms
    Learn how to add and configure forms and workflows.

  9. Assigning Elevated Rights
    Learn how to assign other users with Admin rights.

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