How Do I Add Items To My Company Store?

You need to start with a Category and then you can add items.



  • Go to Toolbox > Manage Categories > add categories
  • Give your category a name and click ‘save’
  • You can now apply security, change advertise settings, add sub-categories, and allow users to create sub-categories.



Adding Items:

  • From within the application, select the category you wish to add an item to
  • click 'add'
  • fill in the blanks and include a picture of the item, if desired
  • You must fill in a quantity of stock for each item entered to track inventory.
  • remove items by clicking on the category and then the title of the item you want to remove
  • click the delete icon     



If the item goes on sale, you can add it to the feature box on the right by clicking into the item and selecting ‘add to Items on Sale box’ above the item description.

You can add the item to the Featured Items box by clicking on the item and clicking ‘add to Featured Items box’ above the item description.




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