Redirecting to a specific page upon login

When administering your site, there may be some individuals whom you wish to have bypass the homepage when they log into the intranet. This can be done as an account setting for a user.

To do this, you will need to be an Administrator of your Intranet software.

To implement this redirect:

  1. Locate the page where you want the user to be directed to
  2. Copy the URL of this page to your clipboard
  3. Navigate to Admin > Security > find logins
  4. Locate the user account you wish to implement the redirect on
  5. Scroll down to where you will see 'Login Redirect URL' as shown here: 
  6. Paste the link from your clipboard into the field provided (shown outlined in the image above)
  7. Check the box beside 'Absolute Path' (To learn more about Absolute vs. Relative links, click here)
  8. Click 'save' at the top or bottom of this screen

The next time the user logs into the software, they will be automatically redirected to the desired page. Please note that impersonating a user will not show you the page they are redirected to as this occurs only during the login process.

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