How do Session Dates work?

Now that you have a Course created, your users will need to be able to register to attend the course. To facilitate this, creating session dates allows the user the ability to see when the course is available and pick a time slot that best suits their availability.

First, work out how you want the course to flow. Some key questions are:

  • Will the course be broken up into individual classes where different course material will be covered?
  • Will you be offering the same classes at different times or on different days?
  • Will the classes be offered in different locations?

As an example, here is a look at 2 options that users can choose from:

The first group of sessions have been called 'Morning Intro Sessions', whereas the bottom group is called 'Afternoon Intro Sessions'. When a student registers for one of these groups, they will see something similar to this:

Each group of Sessions become the options a user has to choose from. Group 1 has 4 days and times listed for mornings, whereas group 2 has afternoon versions of these sessions also available.

If you would prefer to have the student choose from a variety of morning and afternoons, then you will need to create new session groups for each session, rather than clicking 'add date' to an existing session group.

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