Version 13.0 Patch 5

New/Changed Functionality

Published Items now Default Tab

The default tab for all applications that support content approval is now the Published Items tab instead of the Items Pending Approval tab. 

Faster Global Search Page Loading

The global search page will load faster as the drop down values under Search Tools now only load after Search Tools button is clicked.

6942 Alerts for groups cannot be set when Site is secured
6672 Default all applications landing page to show configured content and not Approvals tab 
6951 Buggy EWS URL and username input fields 
Error: variable [SCATEGORY] doesn't exist seen when clicking on tag in admin
Advanced Advertising Options for AppBuilder Hidden After 6826
6965 Supervisor information not coming over if super's OU includes commas
6969 Default all applications landing page to show configured content and not Approvals tab
Formbuilder: Vertical alignment doesn't hold when printing to PDF
6997 Upgrade to latest version of CKEditor
6946 Disabled employees are sometimes showing in global search
6915 Review dates in documents application incorrectly keyed off of review date alert reminder records
6910 Redirect user back to main workflow page if workflow template doesn't exist
6941 System field is misnamed in manage fields
6933 Characters GT, hyphen or percent in column title cause error in appbuilder import csv
6956 Number beside tag in Admin > tagging doesn't show where the tag is used
6917 Links in application feed append web location to the link
7004 Error while trying to view appbuilder header graphic
6991 CSV import inserts URL into link field
7016 Add subfolder from app frontend results in no action
6990 Document with versioning provides details view via app feed widget instead of document
Company Store  
6996 Company Store: Email Cart Manager from Checkout not working in IE or FF
6886 Manage alerts screen shows multiple icons for email and site alerts
Editing a wall post containing only a graphic is not possible
6959 Alerts link leads to error
6960 Unable to remove department
Discussion Board  
7010 Advertise On time not honored in What's New widget
Fix layouts for forum app
6880 Text of past events on event calendar print color view greyed-out and difficult to read
Photo Albums  
6989 Download button in Photo Album doesn't work due to URL encoding in image filename
6902 Clear Filter and Refine don't work after Filter returns no results
6973 FormBuilder: UserData fields not populated when based on trigger
6879 Tests always result in inaccurate scores when form options are deleted
7001 Field header not wrapping in filter view of responses
7013 Error: column [TOTALRESULTS] not found in query displays in online forms
6974 More Useful DB Error Screen
7006 Remove update queries for WhatsNew.LastPopularityAction which no longer exists.
6994 Liking home page result in a blank prompt for some users.
7014 Stats not showing up for file attachments
6984 Clicking on a tag in the legacy library app presents 'key [SEARCHCOMMENTSCRITERIA] doesn't exist'
6927 Supevisor Approval Sends out additional Notification email in Error
6935 Error submitting comment to Training app
6881 Appbuilder drop down fields whose options have been deleted can cause issues with search preview cards
6932 Ajax Error on Search Screen after upgrade to 13.0.4 (improve indexing and error handling when ES is not running)
Parse Error in Search Causing Search Not to Work
7012 Forum Search Feature Fails when UserID is NULL in Forum table.
7000 Optimize Search Performance
7020 Ajax Error on Displaying Search Results
7033 Optimizing Search Performance
Support Desk  
7011 Comments on Support Desk ticket showing on different ticket
Vertical alignment in top navigation menu incorrect for IE7 and 8
Incorrect headings on 'Colleague Options' page
6921 Height and width of widget box is off if more than 20 employee profile widgets on a page
6981 Edit Quick Polls links to empty page
7007 Allow cycling through Fancybox photo album without having to open and close each image in widget
6967 Improve layout and icons on mobile pages
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