What is the Company Store?

Employees can shop online with the company store app that has a built-in shopping cart and inventory tracking.  Although it does not handle live money transactions, there is the ability for an (dept.) account number to be entered.  You can include a tax value (%) for the cart. 

Categories have their own security and advertising settings.

You can assign a Cart Manager.  Cart Managers are responsible for processing orders when carts are checked out.  If more than one manager is assigned, the ability to process orders is on a first come basis.

Cart Managers have elevated rights within the application allowing them to:

  • update cart quantities
  • remove cart items
  • view historical cart data
  • receive notification of pending carts
  • add/edit application content
  • assign items to sale/features create custom content boxes



Inventory is monitored and updated through the quantity set for each item.  When the quantity has been depleted, 'out of stock' appears by the item.  You can also add items to featured items or sale items boxes.  These can be set for a specific time period.

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