Where is My Cart?

Users can view their shopping cart by clicking on ‘view’ under ‘My Cart’.  The option to checkout or continue shopping is available at the top and the bottom of the cart.

When customers’ checkout, they can enter payment method with the ability to enter an account number and the type of account.  You could use this for credit card payments or even a department billing number.

There is the ability to add notes to the cart manager, update cart items, or email the cart manager by clicking on the envelope in the upper right of the cart.



Once the checkout process is finished, a copy of the invoice is sent to the email address of the purchaser and the cart manager is notified.



The cart manager can log in and process the items by clicking on ‘process’ under ‘Pending Carts’.

Click ‘process’ beside the order

Click ‘process’ at the bottom of the screen and the item should now appear as processed.

You can view the item and see when it was processed by clicking on ‘Processed’ under ‘Cart reports’ on the right of the screen.




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