What are Tags?

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What are Tags used for?

Tagging is a great way to group up similar content across your intranet as a whole. This can be done across multiple applications using the same tag. When performing a global search, you can specify within your Search Tools (13.0+) a specific tag. If you do a blank search with only selecting this tag, you will see all results that have this tag associated to it.


Admin Tagging tab

As an administrator on the intranet, you may see an additional tab called 'Tagging'. This allows you to group up your tags for better organization. It can also show you tags that are not being used, or that may have been spelled differently where you would want to consolidate the items into the same tag.

Tagging console:

As shown in the screenshot above, you can categorize the tags into their own category. I have Employee Interests, Online Forms and Recipes. 

From an application, you can choose to select from an existing tag, or create a new one (admins can control whether or not users can add their own Tags at the app level).

Below is an example of what the Tags options look like for an item on the application. You can choose between Global Tags (Site-wide tags) or the App's tags (shown as Documents & Policies tags for tags created within the selected app).

If you have grouped up your tags within the Tagging panel, you will be able to see them displayed within their groups as illustrated in the image below:

The app specific tags will show a much smaller list which may be more relevant to the tag you are trying to add.


Grouping Tags

In order to group up the tags, the Tagging tab has a drag and drop interface that allows you to drag your tags over to the groups listed on the right panel of your screen:

In the example above, if you wished to move Carpooling under 'Employee Interests', simply click and drag Carpooling over top of the Employee Interest group listed on the right panel.


Assigning Tags to content:

If you begin typing the name of the tag, tags matching will begin to appear as a dropdown option for you which can make adding tags to items much easier for your content publishers:

To see how Tags can work within search, see our Filtering Search with Tags video.

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