Version 12.5 Patch 17

Version 12.5 Patch 17 Change Log

Form Response Export All: A new Export All feature for form responses is now available. This allows you to export all form responses for the current filter (or all responses if no filter applied) as a .csv, instead of being restricted to just the current page.



6816 Pressing enter when editing the serial number runs wrong validation.
6851 Improve Exchange Web Service setup screen.
6882 Remove ON/OFF indicator for Site Search in Admin > Setup > Settings
6909  Fix element undefined error when impersonating employee and registering for training course.
6880 Text of past events on event calendar print color view greyed-out and difficult to read.
6926 Removing advertising does not work for advertised documents.
7009 Background image covering pending approval items in documents
6911 Fancy box doesn't come up in Image Gallery in subsite
6925 If document has quotes in title, the read/confirm list export gets error or corrupt file.
Events Calendar  
7003 12AM as Event start time is not accepted
6768 Client-side JavaScript rendering improvement for large form responses to prevent slow script warnings.
6824 Allow users to export full form response data to CSV with potential warning of implications.
6862 Permissions error when re-saving or trying to submit draft form responses for those with only form view rights.
6903 SQL query field in online forms does not populate on the search screen "Fields" section.
6827 Item count displayed does not match actual number of files in folder.
6879 Test forms with scored fields containing deleted options that were marked correct cause issues with scoring new submissions.
6973 FormBuilder: UserData fields not populated when based on trigger.
6885 Apostrophe in email address fails.
6828 Top navigation text alignment is off for IE9 browsers.
6855 Design > Advanced Editor > Item Font Bold checkbox does not reflect state.
6832 Delete Icon on Menu Item goes to delete entire Section.
7008 Don't populate URL field in Link table for internal links
Support Desk  
6831 Unable to assign Technician in certain circumstances.
7027 Variable DSELECTEDDATE is undefined.
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