How Do I Import Multiple Files to Company News?

If you need to import a lot of news items, you can use the Multiple File Upload or you can Import CSV.

The multiple file upload tool allows you to perform a batch upload of files to a specific folder/category within the application.

Records will be simply created with the Title field populated with the filename plus any optional tags and no data in any other fields.


You can use the Import CSV utility to import records from a csv (comma separated value file) and optionally include files uploaded through our multiple file upload utility.

This is a quick way to bulk add multiple records from a file and populate your application.

You can only upload to one folder at a time.


After you have selected your folder and uploaded your CSV, you can upload your files.  After selecting your files, click ‘add files’. 

You are then presented with a screen that allows you to map your CSV to the fields in the News application:



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